MRI Patient Info

Patient Preparation before MRI

Please bring your referral form and your current Health Card to the examination. A spouse, relative or friend may accompany you during your examination.

Unless directed otherwise by your doctor, you may eat and take your usual drugs before an MRI examination. However, you will need to tell us what drugs you are taking and whether you have allergies, diabetes, heart or kidney disease, or limited mobility. If you have ever had metal in your eye, have any implanted devices, tattoos, or a pacemaker, please let us know beforehand.

As most make-up contains metal components, it is recommended that you do not apply make-up before a head or neck MRI. A make-up remover will be provided, if necessary.


  • Pregnant women should not be exposed to MRI unless approved by a physician.
  • The magnetic field interacts with metallic objects resulting in image degradation. As any iron object is strongly attracted by the magnet, some security precautions need to be taken.

Before the examination

  • You must inform the attendant of any metal implants or plates that may be in your body - particularly in your head or in the vicinity of your eyes.
  • If you work in sheet metal or with a metal grinder, inform the MRI staff when you make your appointment.
  • If you typically wear body piercings or other body jewelry, please remove all of it before coming to your exam.

For safety, if your spouse, relative or friend accompanies you and is wearing a pace-maker (heart stimulator), an implanted defibrillator, an insulin pump or a fixed acoustic device, they cannot enter the MRI room.

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